Capella de Ministrers awarded with the Honour Medal by Consell Valencià de Cultura

Capella de Ministrers, conducted by Carles Magraner, is a national and international reference for ancient music that has exhibited “in each performance and recording, a very high interpretative quality.”

The Consell Valencià de Cultura will decide to award the Medal of Honor of the institution to the person of Carles Magraner, creator and director of the Capella de Ministrers training. The Medal is only awarded to authors or groups of proven and indisputable quality and long careers. The CVC believes that the moment has arrived that, once and for all, the Valencian society and the institutions that represent it value the work of the Capella as it is deserved, and that now it can have a traction effect on the three musical formations that are dedicated to it. to cultured music.