"A Circle in the Water" CD

28 October 2019

Available from 1st November. Capella de Ministrers proposes a tour through first half of the 16th Century music linked to melancholic feeling.

"Lucretia Borgia" CD

30 April 2019

A blend of history, myth and legend. This musical tribute to Lucrezia Borgia attempt to reveal her humanity, placing her in the historical context and the daily life of her time.


Super Lamentationes

Hieremiae Prophetae. Cristóbal de Morales (c. 1500 - 1553)

Morales’ Lamentations were his best-known works, together with his Masses and Magnificats. This repertoire enjoyed an extraordinary international fame in Europe and the New World within the context of Pre-Tridentine and Post-Tridentine liturgy, owing principally to the fact that these works were composed to be performed in some of the most prestigious chapel choirs of the Renaissance. This recording by Capella de Ministrers recovers the interpretative con- text of this repertoire in acccordance with the musical practice of Emperor Carlos V’s Royal Chapel Choir, whereby the Lamentations were sung polyphonically with an instrumental accompaniment on violones.

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