A Circle in the Water

Robert Burton (1577-1640) published at the beggining of the chiaroscuro century his work “The Anatomy of Melancholy” (1621). In this work melancholy appears as the fundamental aspect of the mystical experience for the first time. Capella de Ministrers proposes a tour through first half of the 16th Century music linked to melancholic feeling. An English music repertoire with Dowland, Hume, Corkine and anonymous pieces.

This CD is part of the film’s soundtrack: “El cercle en l’aigua” directed by Vicent Monsonís (Monso) based on the play “La Estancia” by Chema Cardeña.

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CDM 1947

Texts: Delia Agúndez

Languages: Valencian, Spanish & english

Mixing and mastering: Jorge García Bastidas (dbc estudios)

Cover: Frame from “El Cercle en l’Aigua” film

Graphic design: Annabel Calatayud

DDD: 63’54” Legal deposit: V-1974-2019

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Legal deposit: B-8464-2001


Delia Agúndez, soprano

Carles Magraner, viola da gamba

Robert Cases, laúd renacentista y tiorba

Tobias Hume (c. 1569 – 1645)

1. Lamentations (fragmento)

William Corkine (fl. 1610 – 1617)

2. Beware Faire Maides

John Dowland (1563 – 1626)

3. Fantasia

4. Come, Heavy Sleep

Tobias Hume (c. 1569 – 1645)

5. A Humorous Pavan

6. What Greater Griefe


7. Greensleeeves to a Ground

John Dowland (1563 – 1626)

8. Flow my Tears

9. Go, Crystal Tears


10. Ground upon A Mi Re

11. The Willow Song

John Dowland (1563 – 1626)

12. Can She Excuse my Wrongs


13. A Circle in the Water – Passacaglia

William Corkine (fl. 1610 – 1617)

14. Goe Heavy Thoughts


15. The Woodycock

John Dowland (1563 – 1626)

16. In Darkness Let me Dwell

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