Europäische Kulturstiftung EUROPAMUSICALE München & BACH FESTIVAL de Leipzig – Musique aux Salles de Pollogne.

The next edition of Musica Sacra Festival in München, organized by the European Foundation Europamusicale, will feature the participation of Capella de Ministrers. A concert to be held on the 12th century Windberg Abbey, the June 19th, and where the Spanish ensemble will present a premiere program in trio for solo voice, viola da gamba and harpsichord: INEFFABILIS. A Musical repertoire about the spirituality of the Spanish Late Renaissance and Early Baroque with works by Morales, Victoria, Guerrero and Merula.

Delia Agúndez’s voice will traverse the chiaroscuro of the Spanish deeper spirituality, accompanied by the viola da gamba of Carles Magraner and the harpsichord of Ignasi Jordà, in a search for the meaning of life that transcends the mundane. An intense, melancholic, a sublime mysticism music program that weaves the voice with the musical instrumentation from punctilious care of the compositions of the performed pieces.

On June 21st, Capella de Ministrers will participate in the Matinée »Musique aux Sallles de Pologne» series. The concert will be held in the imposing halls of the former Hôtel de Pologne, as a part of the BACH FESTIVAL programming in Leipzig. Musique aux Salles de Pologne is a special serie made in collaboration with Matthias Moosdorf (Leipziger Streichquartett) and the Association Pro Quatuor. This concert, entitled LA SPAGNA, is exceptionally included for the anniversary of the 1.000 Years of First Mentioning of Leipzig.


One of the most ancient melodies of basse dance and certainly the most widespread, is La Spagna. Over 250 versions are preserved on repertoires composed by Diego Ortiz, Francisco de la Torre, Heinrich Isaac, Josquin des Prés, Guglielmo Ebreo da Pesaro or many other Renaissance authors). La Spagna is one of the first dances that takes polyphonic details, and probably its origin is indeed a Spanish melody or song that had international success, known by various names: «La Spagna», «Castille», «Tenore of Re di Spagna”..

In the Universitätsbibliothek of Leipzig, in the Mensuralkodex der Nikolaus Apel (MS 1494) an anonymous 15th century score of La Spagna is stored. From here this concert program commemorates the universality of the Renaissance music in 2015, when Leipzig celebrates its 1.000 Jahre Ersterwähnung.

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