Making Of La Cité des Dames

Making-of Capella de Ministrers’ brand new album, La Cité des Dames, music and women in the Middle Ages. Recorded in the Church of Santa Maria de Requena in April 2013.

Launch of the 2 CDs disc book in October 2013, with music by Kassia, Hildegard of Bingen, Herrad of Landsberg, Beatriz de Dia, Héloïse, Margaret of Austria or Anne Boley, with special attention to Hispanic composers: María González de Agüero, Blanche of Castile, Queen of Majorca or Gracia Baptista.

The disc book includes a series of short stories by Espido Freire and poems by Nuria Ruiz de Viñaspre, as well as supplementary texts by Josemi Lorenzo and Isabel Morant.