Lamento di Tristano – Friday June 7th – Centre Cultural La Beneficència

After the success of “Cycle of Spring”, the “MHA – Música, Historia i Art” Festival comes back to the scene, proposing a new concert series, “Tres Culturas” (Three Cultures), a musical experience around Christian, Muslim and Sephardic cultures.

Capella de Ministrers will be the group in charge of opening this edition next Friday June 7th at 7.30 pm, performing “Lamento di Tristano” in the Salón Alfons el Magnànim in the Centre Cultural La Beneficència.

Coming from a fascinating legend of Celtic origin and subject of numerous versions over the centuries, the “Lamento di Tristano” is a well known Italian dance that comes from a fourteenth-century Tuscan manuscript, one of the more ancient musical corpus of Middle Ages, which also contains other dances and instrumental works (trottos, saltarellos, estampida, etc.).

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