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Since ancient we are aware of the existence of academies, cameratas and other organizations gathered for the sole purpose of supporting the culture, especially the literary and the musical. The Camerata Fiorentina was a group of humanists, musicians, poets and intellectuals united under the patronage of a noble patron. In the Valencia of the Golden Age, a number of intellectuals, musicians and poets were also under the auspices of the Academia dels Nocturns. United by their rank, their purpose was to exercise in deeds and virtuous acts, promoting everything referred to the Gay Science.

Adopting these patronage exercises, especially since the renowned success in the Renaissance era, it borns the group of friends of Capella de Ministrers: Amadors. In which the benefactor becomes a music dilettante, relishing and reveling on the artistic taste of Early Music from the inner  heart, thanks to your collaboration.

As Amador you may be closer to the music we do, and will have the unique opportunity to glimpse the musical life behind the scenes. Your generosity will help and facilitate the development of the Capella de Ministrers projects, supporting the concerts and producing its recordings, for the continued recovery of our musical heritage.

Enjoy an special involvement with the life of our ensemble, preferential treatment and reserved seat in all the concerts. As Amador you will also receive regular invitations to open rehearsals and other exclusive events, and a selected CD from the vast discography of Capella de Ministrers as a gift. It also lets you special discounts buying records at Capella de Ministrers online shop. 

Your support could make the difference. Because everyone has a part to play.