Carles Magraner: “The journey must be made from the past to the present.”

Procesional de Sixena, Carles Magraner adds the 68th chapter to a discography that, since the creation of Capella de Ministrers in 1987, represents an essential task of recovering Spanish musical heritage from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. For 36 years, he has been offering a diverse and original repertoire. How do you create your programs, and how much time do you spend preparing them?

DISCO EXCEPCIONAL SCHERZO: PROCESIONAL DE SIXENA Capella de Ministrers. Director: Carles Magraner. CDM (1CD) El valioso Procesional de Sijena (s. XIV-XV) es la única fuente musical que documenta la actividad litúrgica asociada con el Real Monasterio de Santa María de Sijena (Huesca)

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Entrevista a Carles Magraner. Stefano Russomano. Scherzo nº402, enero 2024