AECID | Capella de Ministrers

The artistic proposal of Capella deMinistrers “The Silk Road” has been selected by the Committee of External Experts to form part of the Catalogue of Musician AECID 2019.

The Catalogue AECID is the main tool of promotion, programming and cultural diffusion of the Ministry of external Affairs of Spain.

The Catalogue AECID, elaborated annually for a Committee of Experts of different disciplines, includes a selection of proposals of quality in several genders and disciplines, and distributes in more than a hundred of Embassies and Consulates of Spain in the foreigner and in the 19 Cultural Centres of Spain of Latin America and Africa. The proposals selected have to be outstanding, singular and of the highest artistic quality, these are the minimum requirements that have to fulfil to take into account for the committee of expert.