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Fundació Cultural CdM recover, research and preserve the musical heritage, specially vulnerable to the passage of time due to its inmaterial status. Supporting our work through donations and membership program you are helping us keep our musical legacy, playing a fundamental role to maintain an internationaly renowned musical production, develop educative initiatives and promote the commitment to our heritage to strengthen the valorization of early music in our society.

If, in addition to supporting the project, you wish to get involved with Capella de Ministrers getting closer to our work, take a look at our advantages program designed for Young Patrons, Silver Friends, Golden Friends and Associates.


You can donate to our Foundation anytime. Get informed about the tax profits you can benefit from by supporting our project in this document by the Culture and Patronage Commision of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Contact us to: for further information.


Every year thousands of people enjoy the concerts of Capella de Ministrers and their careful discographic production. Early music and art lovers whom inconditional support shows a giant sensibility towards their cultural heritage. We aim to bring early music to more people, and we are decided to keep working so that it can be enjoyed by generations to come. If you wish to support us long term you may considerate the posisibility of including a gift in your will to make possible:

  • The recovery and protection of our cultural legacy

  • Expanding of our pedagogic program

  • Organology and technical improvements

  • Building new bridges between musicological research centers and professional musicians

Posthumous donations are treated in strict confidence. If you would like to receive more information write to the Legacy team on and they will provide you with the deatils you request.


Get informed about the tax profits you can benefit from by supporting our project in this link.

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