Música Encerrada

The oral legacy of the sephardic diáspora. In 1492 was enacted the Alhambra edict, this fact caused a forced migration of the Jews who remained in Spain. With them travel the liturgical texts of poets from the called “Jewish golden age” in Spain, and all music that today preserves the oral tradition, songs and poems of medieval Hispanic culture. This is part of his musical legacy, a fragment of our tradition and our history. Music that, as their customs, was part of the privacy of the family unit. Music that remained enclosed in space and, now, in time.

Vicente Gracia Deluxe limited edition

The CD will be available in limited luxury edition with a unique piece of silver jewelry with Manises blue enamel, presented in a handmade box with a combination of velvets and silks of the Valencian tradition.

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15,90  IVA incl.


CDM 1435

Texts: Mª Antonia Bel Bravo Miguel Ángel Nieto Mara Aranda & Carles Magraner

Special collaboration of musician Jota Martínez in the conception and development of the repertoire

Languages: spanish, inglish, grench and ladin

Sound engeneering, mixing and edition: Jorge García Bastidas (dbc estudios)

Cover: Seder Tefila. Museo Sefardí de Toledo

Graphic design: Annabel Calatayud

DDD: 57’38” Legal diposit: V-1305-2014

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Mara Aranda (voz)
Carles Magraner (violas y dirección)
Jota Martínez (zanfoña, baglama, lavta)
Aziz Samsaoui (kanun)
David Antich (flautas)
Pau Ballester (percusión)


1. Sa’dâwî (Instrumental)

2. Una ramika de ruda

3. Yo le mandi a la mi novia (Instrumental)

4. Hero y Leandro

5. Dame paras para el banyo (Instrumental)

6. Avridme Galanika


7. La muerte de Absalón (Instrumental)

8. Nani, nani

9. Se vistyo la Reyna Ester (Instrumental)

10. Irme kero


11. La roza enflorese

12. Karsilamas sefardies (Instrumental)

13. Dos amantes

14. Tanz, tanz Jiddelelch (Instrumental)

15. Gül Pembe

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