Lucretia Borgia

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This is a musical tribute to Lucrezia Borgia, the daughter of Alexander VI.  She was married three times, had an illegitimate child and one of her husbands was murdered.  All this happened in the short span of thirty-nine years when the Renaissance was in full flow.  Capella de Ministrers’ programme is based on music from Lucrezia’s time and is an attempt to reveal her humanity and break away from the stereotype of a dissolute and incestuous woman by placing her in the historical context and the daily life of her time.  This music allows us to experience first-hand the Italian Renaissance courts, the birth of Lucrezia in Rome in 1480, her marriages to Giovanni Sforza, Alfonso d’Este and Alfonso of Aragón and her relationships with Pietro Bembo, Isabella and the court of Ferrara.   All culminating in her recourse to religion and in her death 500 years ago in 1519.  Lucrezia Borgia, a Renaissance woman, whose life was a blend of history, myth and legend.


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