Arrels (Roots)
Entre la tradició i el patrimoni
Carles Magraner
Elia Casanova, veu
Josep Aparici ‘Apa’, veu
Viernes 9 de febrero de 2018, 20'30 horas
Full information ARRELS
Carles Magraner brings us closer to a new interpretative proposal of traditional Valencian music from the perspective of historical music. After thirty years of work in the recovery of our musical heritage with Capella de Ministrers, ARRELS (roots) delves into the revaluation of oral tradition music looking for links between this and the most archaic forms of composition (evident in the songs of beating, the lullabies, the instrumental beats of irregular rhythms or the music of the songs of auroros). Also in those works that show ancient origins, may be originated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as are the petaneras, fandangos or boleros, and formally use common elements and harmonic structures similar to the passacaglia or the ostinato. Vocal and instrumental songs by Picassent, Valencia, Jijona, Carlet, Guadassuar, Morella, Valle d'Uixó, Villavieja, from La Ribera, Alicante, Alcázar, Xàtiva or Adzaneta make up a world that revalues ​​our oral tradition music and that Capella de Ministrers It presents us with all its diversity and richness, thus uniting the fragile bridge that separated the early music (that which we preserve in manuscripts) from the music of oral tradition.

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