When Capella de Ministrers was formed in 1987 nobody could have imagined what would be its prosperous career, now internationally renowned. Our ensemble has become one of the best in the recovery and the historically informed performance of early music, stemming from the artistic excellence alongside rigorous work.

The friends of Capella de Ministrers: Amadors, are the heart of our audience. Joining is the best way to approach our work, holding also the future of Early Music. Doing so is very simple, through three types of membership may not only be patron of this project, but to support the preservation of our culture and musical heritage.

You can become a friend of Capella de Ministrers, join our special events or make now a donation.

If you wish to know in detail the relative information to fiscal profits, downloads the PDF issued by the Unit of Culture and Patronage through this link.

For further information contact with Ana Jiménez : +34 672 220 090 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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